What is the perfect modern luxury hotel?

So many hotel owners include the word luxury while marketing their place while the services they offer.  In fact, this is one of the most abused words in the hotel service system.  Many hotels claim to be luxury hotels while they are just average. While there is no clear definition of the word luxury, there are certain things that represent that in a hotel.

Having all the right technology

Your luxury guests expect to have an easy and fast internet access to all the technical devices in the hotel. With the technological advancements, there is an increase in expectations when it comes to this.  The most standard expectation is a smart phone or tablet device that controls most if not all the functions of the room. From menus, to room service and even the outside of the hotel; you should be able to make the guests as comfortable as possible. Technology in hotels also revolves around the smart home theme from the advanced controls to the smart thermostat.

The authenticity

How authentic is the luxury hotel. Do you offer what you advertise in terms of style, themes and gastronomy?  Your hotel should be so authentic that it gives out a certain unique vibe every time a guest walks in. The property should be real, especially when it comes to the lithographs on your walls, the furniture and the paintings.

They pay attention to detail

Some details can go a long way in making your hotel luxury and authentic. Something as simple as a flower vase and the way you fold your towel and present it to the guest can change the way people look at your hotel.

Luxury hotels also provide room keeping keeping the guest comfortable and clean at all times. Delivering more than meals to the rooms and going out of your way to make the guest feel like they are getting what they paid for will earn you a few more points.

The personalization

Luxury hotel guest expect the staff to address them or recognize them by their names. This makes them feel loved, which is to be expected in a luxury hotel. Offering hand written notes to your guest while they arrive or leave makes the services more personalised.  Your efforts should be dedicated to making the guest more comfortable

Get a genuine, knowledgeable, helpful and cheerful stuff makes the hotel more luxurious and warm. Your staff should have qualities like kind, empathetic, observant and funny among other intuitive qualities to offer luxury to your guest.  Ensure they know enough about the hotel and the location to make everything more comfortable for your guest.  

Other services

While the guest rooms are very critical to the superior hotel experience, something that really sets your luxury hotel apart from the other is the service quality.  Your facility should include things like a fitness centre, a social hobby location, a concierge, a referral service and other basic services.

Finally, a hotel is not considered luxury is the foods and drinks are not iconic. Get the best chefs to represent you and build a solid reputation of the food quality.  You can serve fine dining, casual meals, a coffee shop, a breakfast buffet and other services.

The ultimate Guide to hotel marketing

There are multiple ways to market your hotel, each attracting a different type of customer.  Thanks to technology advancement, marketing is now cheaper and more effective than it was 5 or 10 years ago.  The way you advertise and set your business will determine what kind of guests and how many guests you get to your hotel.

Here are a few ways to advertise your hotel business online

Create a website

This is one of the most important parts of hotel marketing.  More than 95 of hotel clients do some online research before they make any travel purchases and final decisions.  They aim to search for solutions to their travel related needs and you need to take this chance to create and showcase a credible and professional advertisement of your services and hotel online.

 Ensure your hotel is on online travel agencies

This is a great way to expand your online presence. Ensuring that your website appears on online travelling agencies and other travel sites will help you establish a great profile.  From these two, you will get the booking functionalities your hotel needs. 

They provide reviews, booking platforms, your hotel information and ratings which are presented in several languages.

Do you have good online review?

Since most people check on the internet for the perfect hotel, you should get busy in making sure you have a good online reputation.  The information on your hotel is simply not enough. Reviews play a big role when guests want to decide which hotel to book

Make sure you respond to online reviews from your previous client.  You can change the negative reviews to positive by addressing the concerns and finding immediate and effective solution to the problems.  This may not make the situation better for the previous customer who made the complaint but it shows that you are listening and trying to make everything better.

Local promotional activities

Most people think that just because their hotel is aimed towards tourist, other forms of advertisements and promotions do not matter. While your clientele may be tourists and travellers that are living in other areas, your hotel can serve as great accommodation from friends and families visiting their people in their area.

Create fun activities in your hotel

Hotels with minimal activities get the least amount of clients. The current generation of people love trendy and fun activities when they book a room in a hotel.  A hotel with a great restaurant and bar will attract more visitors to your establishment.  Great events during special holidays also attract multiple crowds.  Discounts on meals, happy hours, live bands and sports performance are also great things to have in your hotel depending on the culture. Do not forget to participate in local events and build relationships with the other local establishments.

The bottom line

Marketing any kind of hotel does not mean that you have to take a huge dent on your profits for a marketing budget.  All you need to do is set strategies and use the internet to your advantage. The tips shared above will help you get more bookings to your hotel.

New technologies you should incorporate into your modern hotel room

New technology is domination in every real estate market, even hotel rooms. Hotel rooms are changing everywhere which means you need to make changes to your hotel. In the past decades technology experts have created devices that have changes the hotel industry.

Here are the 10 most important things to have in your hotel

A keyless entry

This is the most obvious and simple technology for your hotel rooms. Get rid of the key card so your guests can forget about getting locked out for the room or losing it.  Modern hotels are using smart phone to replace the key cards.  The keyless entries used an application synchronised to your system and makes it easier and more comfortable for your guests

A mirror television and high definition TV

One of the main reasons people come to a hotel is to have a luxury, comfortable stay during a trip.  When people think about hotels, they are thinking about how they can watch the TV while taking a bath and watching nice shows on high definition televisions.

A smart thermostat

The thermostat is also connected to smart devices like your guest’s smart phone or provided devices.  They allow the guest to adjust the room temperature even when they are not inside the room.  The energy management systems keep the environments in the room cool or warm depending on the weather.  this, with a combination of energy efficient conditioning makes the room much more comfortable.

Wi-Fi and streaming devices to the television

Your hotel room should be able to accommodate any types of guest despite their reasons for travel. The most convenient rooms that accommodate both leisure and business travellers are ones that have a high speed internet access.

If your hotel does not provide internet access to the guests then you are losing to the competition.  The internet you provide in the room should be reliable, fast and secure.  One great way to do this is by providing bandwidth services so they can select the most convenient depending on how they want to use the internet.  The smart thing about this method is that it allows you to control the amount of bandwidth available for every guest and give a fair service to everyone.

  The smart lighting 

This is similar to the thermostat and keyless entry. The guest uses smart devices to access the lighting in the room. They can increase the intensity of the lite without moving a muscle. Some hotels have voice activated systems that command the lights in the room. This is a great feature that attracts guest to romantic getaways and fun spots.  Some hotels have guest sensors that monitor entry and exit. They work hand in hand with the light technology to switch on and off when they walk in and out.

A convenient power source

This is not in any way a major technological advancement but it is very essential. People should not have to dive into tight places to have access to the power sockets and charge their smart devices. Make sure you provide connectivity devices that enable people to view content from their own devices on your smart television.

How to make your hotel room feel more like Home

One main thing most people want in a hotel is to relax. It does not matter the location or purpose of booking the hotel. After a long day of hard work or exploration, you obviously want to come to a spacious, comfortable and homey hotel room.

This is quiet difficult when you are on a budget, you are most likely going to end up stuck in a small hotel room with very thin walls, old mattresses and tiny bathrooms. This situation is uncomfortable and will make it had for you to make the place even a little homey.

Here is how you can make your hotel room more comfortable for you especially if you are going to stay

Light some candles

This is very convenient in both small and larger rooms. It is especially great if you want a sweet smelling aroma in your room.  Pick a scented candle that reminds you of your home and will make the place more personalised.  Make sure the rules do not restrict you from lighting candles in your room.

 Pack your own coffee

If there is no coffee shop in your hotel, you could do yourself a major favour and pack your hotel room. Caffeine is very necessary for everyday morning activity. It is very important for active mornings, like if you are planning on going for a run.

Bring your own blanket or any other comfort item

It does not matter if you are taking it as a good luck charm or want to have the item with you. You can take a smaller item and place it at the bedside table or carry your blanket with you to make the bed more comfortable.  this will bring more positive energy to the home while making it more homey.

Stream some of your favourite shows

 You should expect to get fast internet access, especially in modern hotel rooms. While this is a great feature for people who are out on business, it can also serve a purpose if you are out to have some fun and relax.  Streaming your favourite shows will make you feel like you are at home watching what you enjoy the most.

A night light

This is one of those things you are sure to find in your hotel room. Modern hotel rooms have been styled in to bring a beautiful aesthetic that make the guests comfortable and safe. A night light gives the hotel room a serene environment. The soft glow of the light makes the room feel homier.

 Your own bath product

Take advantage of the big bathtubs in your hotel room. The best and fastest way to reduce stress and feel more relaxed is to take a long bath. How do you do this while making the stay homier?  Make sure you pack some of your favourite soaps and bath bombs so you can take advantage and make the place feel more like home.

There so many things you could do to make the hotel room better. Whatever you do, make sure it is in line with the rules and most importantly makes the environment better.

Characteristics of boutique hotels

Most people in the hotel business understand that change is inevitable. Lodging and temporary hotels have been around for years and it is only recently that most have started offering luxury deals to the clients.  Many guests are looking for a personalized lodging experience that takes details into account and offers good quality service to the clientele.

Two characteristics that best define boutique hotels are an intimate atmosphere and an idiosyncratic style.  They are very different to larger hotels because they have a personalised feel and attention. In real sense, there is no strict way of how your boutique hotel should feel and should be styles.  There are however, characteristics that make your hotel have that boutique style.

They include;

The size

This is a major component that defines a boutique hotel. The hotel should e typically small with rooms ranging from 100 to at least 10. When it comes to scale, they are fairly intimate and create an ambiance of private rooms and personal guests rather than the hotel feeling. You could describe the hotel as communal spaces and the guest have the space to interact.

The individuality

This applies to the properties. They have a distinctive feeling, not like of a 5 star hotel. Boutique hotels are operated independently and are not affiliates with other major chains. Keep in mind that a boutique may be independently owned but that does not mean it should not belong to any luxury hotel associations.

The culture

This is dependent on the character and personality of the property.  The most popular flavours in boutique hotels are the local style with a sense of the local materials, heritage and style displayed through the character and style.  Some try to incorporate a different culture to give the guest a different vibe to the guests.

The designs

If I could describe most boutique hotels in one sentence, I would say upscale and elegant styles with a combination of historic detailing and unique operations.  You expect the lines in a boutique hotel to be homey, sleek or contemporary or a combination of all.

The character

Most boutiques have an eccentric feel to them.  They are characterised as trendy, funky and fun plus they are normally offbeat.

The location

While there is no definite rule about the location of the boutique hotels, they are located in urban, hip, trendy and fashionable locations. You can find boutiques in upcoming and live areas. You can also find them in residential and high end areas away from the noises, lights and crowds but close enough to the urban cities. Many people also prefer to book boutiques in resort areas, hidden away from the popular tourist’s hotels.

The clients

The people and travellers that are attracted to such hotels are representative of the characters and styles in the specific boutiques. They are trendy, hip and willing to explore different cultures. Millennial are attracted to creative designs mixed in with the luxury services.

Finally, the gastronomy

Like stated, boutique restaurants are very trendy. They have an authentic and high quality cuisine that is paired with a very unique, well thought and comfortable dining areas.