Characteristics of boutique hotels

Most people in the hotel business understand that change is inevitable. Lodging and temporary hotels have been around for years and it is only recently that most have started offering luxury deals to the clients.  Many guests are looking for a personalized lodging experience that takes details into account and offers good quality service to the clientele.

Two characteristics that best define boutique hotels are an intimate atmosphere and an idiosyncratic style.  They are very different to larger hotels because they have a personalised feel and attention. In real sense, there is no strict way of how your boutique hotel should feel and should be styles.  There are however, characteristics that make your hotel have that boutique style.

They include;

The size

This is a major component that defines a boutique hotel. The hotel should e typically small with rooms ranging from 100 to at least 10. When it comes to scale, they are fairly intimate and create an ambiance of private rooms and personal guests rather than the hotel feeling. You could describe the hotel as communal spaces and the guest have the space to interact.

The individuality

This applies to the properties. They have a distinctive feeling, not like of a 5 star hotel. Boutique hotels are operated independently and are not affiliates with other major chains. Keep in mind that a boutique may be independently owned but that does not mean it should not belong to any luxury hotel associations.

The culture

This is dependent on the character and personality of the property.  The most popular flavours in boutique hotels are the local style with a sense of the local materials, heritage and style displayed through the character and style.  Some try to incorporate a different culture to give the guest a different vibe to the guests.

The designs

If I could describe most boutique hotels in one sentence, I would say upscale and elegant styles with a combination of historic detailing and unique operations.  You expect the lines in a boutique hotel to be homey, sleek or contemporary or a combination of all.

The character

Most boutiques have an eccentric feel to them.  They are characterised as trendy, funky and fun plus they are normally offbeat.

The location

While there is no definite rule about the location of the boutique hotels, they are located in urban, hip, trendy and fashionable locations. You can find boutiques in upcoming and live areas. You can also find them in residential and high end areas away from the noises, lights and crowds but close enough to the urban cities. Many people also prefer to book boutiques in resort areas, hidden away from the popular tourist’s hotels.

The clients

The people and travellers that are attracted to such hotels are representative of the characters and styles in the specific boutiques. They are trendy, hip and willing to explore different cultures. Millennial are attracted to creative designs mixed in with the luxury services.

Finally, the gastronomy

Like stated, boutique restaurants are very trendy. They have an authentic and high quality cuisine that is paired with a very unique, well thought and comfortable dining areas.