How to make your hotel room feel more like Home

One main thing most people want in a hotel is to relax. It does not matter the location or purpose of booking the hotel. After a long day of hard work or exploration, you obviously want to come to a spacious, comfortable and homey hotel room.

This is quiet difficult when you are on a budget, you are most likely going to end up stuck in a small hotel room with very thin walls, old mattresses and tiny bathrooms. This situation is uncomfortable and will make it had for you to make the place even a little homey.

Here is how you can make your hotel room more comfortable for you especially if you are going to stay

Light some candles

This is very convenient in both small and larger rooms. It is especially great if you want a sweet smelling aroma in your room.  Pick a scented candle that reminds you of your home and will make the place more personalised.  Make sure the rules do not restrict you from lighting candles in your room.

 Pack your own coffee

If there is no coffee shop in your hotel, you could do yourself a major favour and pack your hotel room. Caffeine is very necessary for everyday morning activity. It is very important for active mornings, like if you are planning on going for a run.

Bring your own blanket or any other comfort item

It does not matter if you are taking it as a good luck charm or want to have the item with you. You can take a smaller item and place it at the bedside table or carry your blanket with you to make the bed more comfortable.  this will bring more positive energy to the home while making it more homey.

Stream some of your favourite shows

 You should expect to get fast internet access, especially in modern hotel rooms. While this is a great feature for people who are out on business, it can also serve a purpose if you are out to have some fun and relax.  Streaming your favourite shows will make you feel like you are at home watching what you enjoy the most.

A night light

This is one of those things you are sure to find in your hotel room. Modern hotel rooms have been styled in to bring a beautiful aesthetic that make the guests comfortable and safe. A night light gives the hotel room a serene environment. The soft glow of the light makes the room feel homier.

 Your own bath product

Take advantage of the big bathtubs in your hotel room. The best and fastest way to reduce stress and feel more relaxed is to take a long bath. How do you do this while making the stay homier?  Make sure you pack some of your favourite soaps and bath bombs so you can take advantage and make the place feel more like home.

There so many things you could do to make the hotel room better. Whatever you do, make sure it is in line with the rules and most importantly makes the environment better.