New technologies you should incorporate into your modern hotel room

New technology is domination in every real estate market, even hotel rooms. Hotel rooms are changing everywhere which means you need to make changes to your hotel. In the past decades technology experts have created devices that have changes the hotel industry.

Here are the 10 most important things to have in your hotel

A keyless entry

This is the most obvious and simple technology for your hotel rooms. Get rid of the key card so your guests can forget about getting locked out for the room or losing it.  Modern hotels are using smart phone to replace the key cards.  The keyless entries used an application synchronised to your system and makes it easier and more comfortable for your guests

A mirror television and high definition TV

One of the main reasons people come to a hotel is to have a luxury, comfortable stay during a trip.  When people think about hotels, they are thinking about how they can watch the TV while taking a bath and watching nice shows on high definition televisions.

A smart thermostat

The thermostat is also connected to smart devices like your guest’s smart phone or provided devices.  They allow the guest to adjust the room temperature even when they are not inside the room.  The energy management systems keep the environments in the room cool or warm depending on the weather.  this, with a combination of energy efficient conditioning makes the room much more comfortable.

Wi-Fi and streaming devices to the television

Your hotel room should be able to accommodate any types of guest despite their reasons for travel. The most convenient rooms that accommodate both leisure and business travellers are ones that have a high speed internet access.

If your hotel does not provide internet access to the guests then you are losing to the competition.  The internet you provide in the room should be reliable, fast and secure.  One great way to do this is by providing bandwidth services so they can select the most convenient depending on how they want to use the internet.  The smart thing about this method is that it allows you to control the amount of bandwidth available for every guest and give a fair service to everyone.

  The smart lighting 

This is similar to the thermostat and keyless entry. The guest uses smart devices to access the lighting in the room. They can increase the intensity of the lite without moving a muscle. Some hotels have voice activated systems that command the lights in the room. This is a great feature that attracts guest to romantic getaways and fun spots.  Some hotels have guest sensors that monitor entry and exit. They work hand in hand with the light technology to switch on and off when they walk in and out.

A convenient power source

This is not in any way a major technological advancement but it is very essential. People should not have to dive into tight places to have access to the power sockets and charge their smart devices. Make sure you provide connectivity devices that enable people to view content from their own devices on your smart television.