The ultimate Guide to hotel marketing

There are multiple ways to market your hotel, each attracting a different type of customer.  Thanks to technology advancement, marketing is now cheaper and more effective than it was 5 or 10 years ago.  The way you advertise and set your business will determine what kind of guests and how many guests you get to your hotel.

Here are a few ways to advertise your hotel business online

Create a website

This is one of the most important parts of hotel marketing.  More than 95 of hotel clients do some online research before they make any travel purchases and final decisions.  They aim to search for solutions to their travel related needs and you need to take this chance to create and showcase a credible and professional advertisement of your services and hotel online.

 Ensure your hotel is on online travel agencies

This is a great way to expand your online presence. Ensuring that your website appears on online travelling agencies and other travel sites will help you establish a great profile.  From these two, you will get the booking functionalities your hotel needs. 

They provide reviews, booking platforms, your hotel information and ratings which are presented in several languages.

Do you have good online review?

Since most people check on the internet for the perfect hotel, you should get busy in making sure you have a good online reputation.  The information on your hotel is simply not enough. Reviews play a big role when guests want to decide which hotel to book

Make sure you respond to online reviews from your previous client.  You can change the negative reviews to positive by addressing the concerns and finding immediate and effective solution to the problems.  This may not make the situation better for the previous customer who made the complaint but it shows that you are listening and trying to make everything better.

Local promotional activities

Most people think that just because their hotel is aimed towards tourist, other forms of advertisements and promotions do not matter. While your clientele may be tourists and travellers that are living in other areas, your hotel can serve as great accommodation from friends and families visiting their people in their area.

Create fun activities in your hotel

Hotels with minimal activities get the least amount of clients. The current generation of people love trendy and fun activities when they book a room in a hotel.  A hotel with a great restaurant and bar will attract more visitors to your establishment.  Great events during special holidays also attract multiple crowds.  Discounts on meals, happy hours, live bands and sports performance are also great things to have in your hotel depending on the culture. Do not forget to participate in local events and build relationships with the other local establishments.

The bottom line

Marketing any kind of hotel does not mean that you have to take a huge dent on your profits for a marketing budget.  All you need to do is set strategies and use the internet to your advantage. The tips shared above will help you get more bookings to your hotel.