What is the perfect modern luxury hotel?

So many hotel owners include the word luxury while marketing their place while the services they offer.  In fact, this is one of the most abused words in the hotel service system.  Many hotels claim to be luxury hotels while they are just average. While there is no clear definition of the word luxury, there are certain things that represent that in a hotel.

Having all the right technology

Your luxury guests expect to have an easy and fast internet access to all the technical devices in the hotel. With the technological advancements, there is an increase in expectations when it comes to this.  The most standard expectation is a smart phone or tablet device that controls most if not all the functions of the room. From menus, to room service and even the outside of the hotel; you should be able to make the guests as comfortable as possible. Technology in hotels also revolves around the smart home theme from the advanced controls to the smart thermostat.

The authenticity

How authentic is the luxury hotel. Do you offer what you advertise in terms of style, themes and gastronomy?  Your hotel should be so authentic that it gives out a certain unique vibe every time a guest walks in. The property should be real, especially when it comes to the lithographs on your walls, the furniture and the paintings.

They pay attention to detail

Some details can go a long way in making your hotel luxury and authentic. Something as simple as a flower vase and the way you fold your towel and present it to the guest can change the way people look at your hotel.

Luxury hotels also provide room keeping keeping the guest comfortable and clean at all times. Delivering more than meals to the rooms and going out of your way to make the guest feel like they are getting what they paid for will earn you a few more points.

The personalization

Luxury hotel guest expect the staff to address them or recognize them by their names. This makes them feel loved, which is to be expected in a luxury hotel. Offering hand written notes to your guest while they arrive or leave makes the services more personalised.  Your efforts should be dedicated to making the guest more comfortable

Get a genuine, knowledgeable, helpful and cheerful stuff makes the hotel more luxurious and warm. Your staff should have qualities like kind, empathetic, observant and funny among other intuitive qualities to offer luxury to your guest.  Ensure they know enough about the hotel and the location to make everything more comfortable for your guest.  

Other services

While the guest rooms are very critical to the superior hotel experience, something that really sets your luxury hotel apart from the other is the service quality.  Your facility should include things like a fitness centre, a social hobby location, a concierge, a referral service and other basic services.

Finally, a hotel is not considered luxury is the foods and drinks are not iconic. Get the best chefs to represent you and build a solid reputation of the food quality.  You can serve fine dining, casual meals, a coffee shop, a breakfast buffet and other services.